About us

Europe is home to over

55 Center of Excellences

that perform cutting edge research and drive the development and evolution of

all aspects of Big Data.

Each of these Center of Excellence approaches

Big Data from a different scientific background and with a different focus.

Each of these centers alone can only cover a small part of the whole Big Data picture, but together their competences can define the

data-driven Future of Europe.

In addition, many of them also act as innovation engines to the local economy. However, European companies are not sufficiently aware of this asset.

Main focus of the Center of Excellence Network will be research topics and how they can be
transferred into relevant industries.

In the future, exchange of academic expertise across the Network will support further research, enable the role-out of promising projects across Europe, and strengthen the European economy.

The vision of the network is too landscape & connect Europe’s Big Data Competence

to provide industry the use-cases and success stories they need to implement and test innovative and data-driven solutions.

With those actions we will foster the transfer of research into industry.

The individual centers provide unique research and industry domain knowledge to the others partners.


Increase exchange

and collaboration in research

Share best practices

and lessons learned on business approaches

Establish an open source friendly environment

to foster their development

Identify synergies

for educational collaboration and exchange of data scientists

Foster matchmaking

between research programs and initiatives


to create visibility of European competences and awareness of evolving


Stefanie Lindstaedt

Stefanie Lindstaedt is a Full Professor and Director at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science (ISDS) at Graz University of Technology in Austria. She is furthermore Managing and Scientific Director of the Know-Center in Graz, Austria’s Research Center for
Data-driven Business.
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Volker Markl

Volker Markl is a Full Professor and Chair of the Database Systems and Information Management Group at the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and an Adjunct Full Professor at the University of Toronto. He is Director of the Intelligent Analytics for Massive Data Research Group at DFKI and Director of the Berlin Big Data Center.


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